More than half a century ago, on 17th January, 1962, the untiring efforts of father M. F. Kavanagh S.J. of the United Sates of America bore fruit with the birth of Little Flower School. This event marked the beginning of a new era for the residents of the Steel City.
Since that historic day, L.F.S. has advanced along the path of success and fame. Today, Little Flower School prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (I.C.S.E.) at the end of Class X and the Indian School Certificate Examination (I.S.C) at the end of Class XII.

The portals of Little Flower School were first traversed by twelve teachers and two hundred and eight students.
The school also catered to help the weak students by giving special attention while imparting education.
The Sisters of Mercy from Philadelphia were invited to run the school by Col. P N. Kak, the administrator in Telco. In 1962, the efforts of Col. P. N. Kak had a positive result and in Nov. 1962 Col. Kak was delighted to welcome Sister Mary Thomasina as Principal and Sister Virgina as Vice Principal.
The introduction of new ideas, methods and principles resulted in the following activities viz. Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, the Student Council body, the School Band, the Glee Club & the Athletic Association to encourage leadershlp qualities.
Two voluntary services – Student Guides and Safety Squad were also introduced to help and ensure safety of the school students.
The melodious School Anthem was composed by Sister Virgina Mary and Miss G. Hancock. ‘Evergreen’ – the school magazine was brought out. A very distinguishing feature of LFS was its unique Graduation Ceremony for class 10 students introduced by Sister Mary Thomasina.
After Sister Virgina Mary left in 1968, Mrs. G. Peacock became the Vice Principal. The school remains indebted to Mrs. Peacock for her personal involvement in the lives of the students in their formative years. She retired in 1995 and Mrs. N. Samuel was appointed as the new Vice Principal.

Old High School Building
Old High School Building

The high school was extended. The first batch of students for Indian School Certificate (ISC) passed out in 1971 with the examination centres at Loyola and Sacred Heart Schools. In May 1972, Little Flower School had a distinguished and influential visitor, Mr. A.E.T. Barrow. Through his initiative and good will Little Flower School was affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi on 14th Nov. 1972.

In December of the same year the students were fortunate to take the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) at Little Flower School as the centre.
Sister Mary Thomasina left to return home on 6th May, 1975 and the reins of LFS were handed to the Cluny Sisters with Sister Cecilia Kenny becoming the new Principal, Sister Andrea the High School Prefect, Sister Laetitia the School Administrator and Sister Marie class ten teacher. The Society of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny is founded by the members of the Christian community for the purpose of establishing and administering Christian minority institutions, as envisaged under Article 30 of the Constitution. The Sisters moved into their new residence in front of the school – the Little Flower Convent, as they preferred staying close to the school.

Much to the disappointment of teachers and students alike Sister Cecilia left Jamshedpur on a more important assignment as the Provincial Superior of the Cluny congregation in North India.

LFS - Old Primary Block
Old Primary Block

Sister Helena Egan was then appointed as the next Principal in October 1978. Thus began Little Flower School’s climb to the top most steeple under Sister Helena’s superb guidance. The school reached dizzy heights in academics and co-curricular activities like quizzing, choral recitation, choreography, debating, creative writing, photography etc. Sister Helena also brought the much appreciated Trinity College Examination for Effective Speech and Communication to Jamshedpur in 1994. The Plus-2 Section started in 1983, new Science Laboratories, a Mathematics Lab (the first one of its kind in Jamshedpur), two Computer Labs, an Audio-Visual Room, a new Library for the students of KG to Five and the most impressive School Auditorium was added in 1986. More expansions resulted with the construction of the Cummins Library for the High School students, the Timken Hall for group activities, extension of the pavilion and a large library for the Junior School students. Sister Helena nurtured the sapling placed in her care into a towering sturdy tree. In 1991 the most wonderful event was introduced for the students of classes six to ten in the form of the school fest – Odyssey by Mrs. N. Samuel. Today it is an annual event. An important aspect of Sister Helena’s nurturing process is the strong foundation of moral values which Sister considered imperative in the educational system.
Today Little Flower School has come to be recognised as an institution producing some of the best students in our country, some even winning laurels for themselves in universities in different parts of the world. It will also be right to mention here that because of Sister Helena the students participated in the First Bournvita Quiz at the national level and stood First Runners-up.

High School Building
High School Building

In March 1997 another important milestone in the history of Little Flower School was reached with the inception of the Cluny Preparatory School for Nursery and Lower Kindergarten students under the able guidance of Sister Savio, thus providing a threshold for stepping into the Upper Kindergarten of Little Flower School.
In June, 2006, Sister Helena returned to Ireland much to the disappointment of LFS staff and students and the people of Jamshedpur, after twenty seven years of selfless dedication towards education of students, growth of the school and welfare of the staff and students. She is still a source of inspiration for the teachers and students of Little Flower.
In January, 2007, Little Flower School welcomed a new Principal, Sister Hilda D’Souza. A face-lift was given to the existing games in school resulting in Inter-school Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badminton competitions. Sister Hilda was also instrumental in getting the Auditorium and the All-Purpose Room air conditioned, for both students and parents to comfortably view the programmes.

Golden Jubilee - Congratulations
Golden Jubilee – Celebrations

On 17th January, 2011 began the much awaited Golden Jubilee Year in a very impressive Opening Ceremony with the release of the Golden Jubilee Logo, drills display, floats and dances, fireworks and illumination of the school building. Innumerable inter-school competitions were scheduled throughout the academic year – quiz competitions, debates in English and Hindi, Inter-school Odyssey for both Juniors and Seniors comprising many events viz. Choreography, Calligraphy, Antakshari, Folk Dance, Cartooning, Western Vocal, Classical Dance, Folk Dance, Fancy Dress, Choral Recitation among many more, Quantum – the annual Science Fest, not to forget Eco-Forum, an Environmental Education programme, Concurrence a Mathematics competition and also an Inter-school teachers’ folk dance competition. All competitions were held to provide an approachable platform to the young citizens of the country to innovate and implement their creative vision.
For what we are today we are extremely grateful and indebted to Sister Mary Thomasina, Sister Cecilia, Sister Helena Egan and at present, Sister Hilda D’souza, for their dedication and zeal have contributed to the development of Little Flower School from its humble beginning to its present glory. They have been instrumental in transforming the school into a golden eagle soaring in the tranquil sky.
Our heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to Tata Motors, Jamshedpur and our benefactors Tata Cummins and Tata Power India in helping to make the school what it is today. We are also grateful to Mr. Ghandy, Mr. S. M Khorana, Mr. R T. Singh, Mr. A P. Arya, Mr. S B Borwankar and Mr. P. K. Chobe for rendering help throughout the years.
It is the wish of every Sister, teacher, student, parent and worker to keep the flame ablaze and take LFS still higher to fascinating heights in Knowledge, Truth and Love. May the Lord shower his choicest blessing on this Wonderful Institution.