Newsletter – 2013

1st April 2013

Dear Parents,

The academic year 2012-2013 has come to an end. A year has suddenly passed by, children have grown and matured with new attitudes and ideals. They will now look forward to the imminent dawn of the new academic year with fresh hopes as well as expectations. And for us teachers and parents, our children are our hope and expectations.

The present age is characterized by curiosity and creativity, by inquisitiveness, eagerness and a strong desire to learn and explore new avenues, and satisfy one’s mind with new discoveries. Curiosity invites students to ask “Why”, while creativity encourages students to ask “Why Not? As educators and parents, we need to pay attention to creating an environment that promotes questioning and creative exploration in order to motivate children to learn. As parents, I request you to continue to encourage them to always strive for the best and with your help and ours, they will succeed. Sometimes the push is tough on everyone but in the long run it will pay off. The rest of their learning builds on this foundation so together let us build their foundation as strong as it can be for a solid moral and positive future.
Little Flower School has a talented, well-trained and dedicated teaching and administrative staff that cares deeply about students and student learning, academically, emotionally and physically. Students are constantly encouraged to take educated decisions that will have a positive impact on their future. Whether in the classroom or on the sport fields, through participation in one of the co-curricular activities, student organizations or community based activities, students are encouraged to get involved and challenge themselves. By making good decisions and setting goals in their learning and in their personal lives, our students will succeed and excel both in the classroom and in their extra-curricular activities.
We value the support of the parents, who are the vital and key component to student success. You have the greatest impact on your child’s school performance. Each teacher only has your children for 200 days per year and for less than six hours per day. It is our expectation that as partners in your child’s education, you are doing your part as well. As part of an evaluation of student performance, you must simultaneously ask yourself the following questions:
Does your child read at home each day for at least twenty minutes?
Does your child listen to the news or is he/she aware of what is happening around him/her?
Do you check your child’s homework / diary each night?
Are you present while your child is doing his/her homework daily?
Are Math facts gone over daily until they are known automatically?
Is your child sent to school ready for the day in a clean and neat school uniform, with proper shoes and socks, hair cut, nails trimmed, and a good breakfast.
Your attention is drawn to the Winter Uniform especially the school tie. We expect our students to both, fasten the top button of their shirt/blouse and to wear the knot of the tie as high as possible. This is a simple request that would be expected in any line of discipline. The school uniform should be clean and in good order. Girls must wear knee-length skirts, and boys’ trousers (for high school) should be of appropriate length. The Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and the Student Council spend an unreasonable amount of time on checking the school uniform, shoes and hair style. I am sure you would agree that the Management and Staff need to concentrate on the more important aspects in school rather than send constant reminders about your ward’s school uniform.
Are after-school activities monitored? Are they in the right company, and not indulging in wrong habits?
Is your child absent from school without information for a number of days, and not taken out of school for any reason other than illness?
Is your child carrying proper stationery to school, and not mobile phones, cameras or such items?
Are you aware of the people your ward is befriending? Have you taken the trouble to know their background and reputation in the neighbourhood? The adage ‘tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are’ is extremely apt in your child’s growing years. See that your child experiences love, acceptance and forgiveness at home so that he/she does not seek it elsewhere.
Do not hesitate to meet me personally if you ever notice any acts of indiscipline in and around the school.

You are requested not to react negatively to notes in the school diary. They are a means of communication between you and the school. If you are hard on the child when she or he comes to you to sign the note, the child is encouraged to lie. You need to take the notes regarding the conduct of your ward, seriously. In such cases, you are advised to meet the teacher concerned without much delay. We require your wholehearted cooperation in maintaining the discipline of the school.

As we begin the new academic year, I tend to reminisce about the past year and the wonderful times and pleasures that I have had with your children and my remarkable staff. This year was no exception. So many exciting activities and great learning has taken place I am proud of their camaraderie and enthusiasm.

After an eventful and thrilling Golden Jubilee year, the students and staff of Little Flower School got down to the serious task of academic curriculum.
93 students answered the ISC examination and 143 students answered the ICSE examination in March 2012. The results were very encouraging – Sheetal Prasad Pasam topped the city with 98.2% in the ICSE Examination. 66 of our students achieved between 90 and 100% in the ICSE Examination.


New Arrivals – Three of our teachers were blessed with babies during the year. God bless the little ones and their families.

Farewell – The staff and students bade farewell to five teachers in February – Mrs. Y.Clayburn (34 years), Mrs.P.Clayburn (33 years) and Mrs.M.Sebastian (28 years), while Mrs.M.Topno (17 years) and Mrs.S.Varghese (3 years). We sincerely thank them for their dedicated service in Little Flower School and wish them good luck and happiness.

In October 2012, we had sought your consent for starting Smart Classes in all our class rooms, and I am glad to announce that except for 18, all parents approved of it. Hence, the school has proceeded with the formalities and entered into an agreement with Educomp, the suppliers of both the hardware and the software for the Smart classes. Hopefully, from the new academic year, your wards will have an even more enjoyable learning experience in the school. Our teachers are familiarizing themselves with the system, and taking certified computer training classes, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Santosh Dhariyal, the parent of a student. We are also grateful to Dr. Kishore Oza, an alumnus of our school, for conducting interesting and valuable classes on Interpersonal Skills and Personality Development for our students. I would appreciate if more such parents come forward to render their expertise.

Some of our guardians and students have been associated with us for many years. Whatever might be the duration of our association, we belong to one family. You have gone out of your way to support us and we have tried to do the best for your children. We have walked hand in hand and tried to overcome problems and find solutions.
I along with my entire administrative staff and faculty welcome your input and appreciate your continuing support and commitment in providing the best educational experience for our students.
I look forward to working with you and your child as we start our new school year because ….together we make a difference. The needs of your family and loved ones are surrendered to the Divine for His choicest blessings on each of you.

God bless you.

(Sister Hilda D’Souza)

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