1.1 Students of Lower KG of Cluny Preparatory School are directly admitted to Upper KG of Little Flower School. (Refer to the Admission Section for more information regarding the Admission Process.)
1.2 A candidate who has attended a recognized school, cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school he last attended. Inter-State transfers require the counter-signature of the Deputy Secretary of the Council located either at Delhi or
Kolkata or by the District Education officer of the place where the previous school is located.
1.3 The date of birth once recorded at admission will not be changed.
1.4 Before withdrawing a student from school, a calendar month’s notice is to be given in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice is to be paid.


2.1 A strict but kind discipline is exercised. Respect for authority is essential. Students of senior classes together with the faculty, are responsible for the good order of the school.
2.2 Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or bad conduct, cheating during tests or examinations, justify dismissal along with a Transfer Certificate.
2.3 Matters of discipline are to be discussed with the school authorities only.
2.4 Attendance : Except in case of illness, students must be on time and present every class day.
2.5 No leave will be sanctioned during the school year. Only those holidays mentioned in the school calendar may be taken.
2.6 If a student is absent for more than three days without informing the school authorities, his/her name may be dropped from the roll. If the absence is due to sickness, a medical certificate to that effect should be submitted to the school after the third day of absence. After an illness, a student should produce a doctor’s certificate stating that he/she is fit to join school.
2.7 Failure to report on the opening day after a vacation may result in the loss of their seat.
2.8 Parents are requested to keep home children who feel feverish or otherwise ill, even if it means missing a test. To be eligible for marks for a weekly test, a pupil should be present for the full day after the test.
2.9 Children will not be allowed out of school during class for medical checks.
2.10 The school should be informed if there is any change in the home address or phone number.
2.11 Boys must cut their hair regularly. Only Crew cut is allowed. Boys with any other hair style or long hair will be sent home.
2.12 Finger rings and other jewellery is not allowed. If found, it will be confiscated and will not be returned.
2.13 CDs, pen-drives, cameras, cell phones or any other electronic gadget, once confiscated from the students, will not be returned under any circumstance.

(Note: This set of regulations is provided for convenience of parents and is for reference only. For a more rigid and updated set of rules & regulations, refer to the School Diary/Prospectus. )